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Content Strategy and Writing at Staffing Robot

In June, I started at Staffing Robot, a rad company that does website design, mobile app development, graphic design, branding and marketing strategies, and more.

I’m doing content strategy for our clients and blogging about the Internet. So along with drink-related articles you’ll also see more from me in the realm of website design, social media, software, apps, branding, and more.

Staffing Robot is also super supportive of my drink writing and made me a robot avatar with a cocktail!

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Upcoming Drinking Adventures in Bogotá

When I’m about to visit a new country the first thing I research is food and drink. The second is outdoor activities. Before my trek to Laos in 2008, I read about Laotian rice whisky called Lao-Lao and had flashbacks to drinking Everclear in Iowa. My first inclination was that it would have too much kick, and would cause a crippling hangover. Neither of these were true for Lao-Lao.

Many of my fondest memories of Thailand include Chang beer. I’ll never forget paying over $30 for 12-pack of Victoria Bitter in Melbourne. There wasn’t a beach I sat on in Puerto Rico without a Gasolina Urban Blends® ready-to-drink alcoholic pouch in hand. It turns out I’ve been photographing my drinks even before I was writing for a drink publication.

I leave for Bogotá in 20 days and first on my list of drinks to try is Colombia’s aguardiente, which is an anise-flavoured liqueur derived from sugarcane. The hangover part might be more feasible in the Andes with all of that elevation but that’s why I plan on sleeping with Aborrajado (deep fried plantains stuffed with cheese) by my bedside.

Tell me…what else should I eat and drink in Colombia?